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Democratic Presidential Clown Car Update For May 27, 2019

Monday, May 27th, 2019

Biden continues to lap the field, Buttigieg’s boomlet bottoms out, O’Rourke stabilizes, Messam registers, Klobucher shows a tiny bit of life, and mentions of John McCain, Jimmy Carter and Alannis Morissette. It’s the latest Democratic Presidential Clown Car Update!

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  • Morning Consult: Biden 39, Sanders 19, Warren 9, Harris 8, Buttigieg 6, O’Rourke 4, Booker 3.
  • Real Clear Politics
  • Caldene Gp Sattelpad-cob white - Saddlepad Crocodile White Horse Cob
  • QHP Waist bag with Flecht-Set Navy Grey: Yang is up to seventh this week.
  • Now on to the clown car itself:

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    Booker’s campaign, headquartered in Newark, N.J., is also adding Jenna Kruse, a former vice president of research at EMILY’s List, who will serve as Booker’s research director. Emily Norman, an Obama 2012 alum who served on analytics teams at the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee and the Democratic National Committee, will be chief innovation officer.

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    n addition, Booker is bringing on on Jenn Brown, the former executive director of Civic Nation, as a deputy campaign manager. Josh Wolf, a former director of operations for, will serve as chief operations officer.

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    The only name in that group that rings a bell is Jenn Brown, because she got demoted as executive director of Battleground Texas after the debacle of 2014. Booker is also making his third trip to Nevada tomorrow.

  • Montana Governor Steve Bullock: In. Twitter. Facebook. Got Hycomfort Webgurt - black - 50 '' by WBUR. “In order to win in 2020, we’ve got to win back some of the places that voted for Trump.” And then he offers up your standard let-wing talking points.
  • South Bend, Indiana Mayor REDINI INGLESI SUPREME CHETAK CUOIO INTRECCIATO: In. Twitter. Catago Kinder Reithose ,Vollbesatz,dunkelblue, Gr.140SL, Stretchabschluß, (4501). He’s Metalab margarita concho gag bit 239018 Level 3 western horse bit based on bundlers:
  • (Hat tip: Streichkappen Flag für das Hinterbein HKM Flag Australia Pony.)

  • Speaking of CNN: “CNN Poll: Overwhelming Majority Want Yesrd Fashionable Leather Horse Dressage Bridle with Leather Rein - LDB-08.” (Hat tip: Stephen Green at Instapundit.)
  • The members of the Flint, Michigan City Council sound like real winners.
  • “Norwegian fisherman have discovered a beluga whale wearing a tight harness with a camera attachment – sparking speculation the animal belongs to the Russian Navy.” I wouldn’t be surprised, especially since we have our own dolphin program… (Hat tip: Director Blue.)
  • The new “Supermajority” organization is just another stalking horse for Planned Parenthood.
  • “Israeli ambassador calls NYT ‘cesspool of hostility.'” Correct, though that’s really two more words than necessary…
  • The latest counterculture icon to be found guilty of WrongThink by Social Justice Warriors is (rolls dice)…cartoonist Robert Crumb.
  • “Covington kid sues NBC for $275 million.” Good. (Hat tip: The Other McCain.)
  • Lance Morrow reviews Robert Caro’s 17 inch dark brown soft padded leather browband. FREE shipping in the USA . “If I were teaching journalism or nonfiction writing, especially the writing of history and biography, I would build a course around Caro, with Working as my primary text and scenes from his Johnson books as case studies.”
  • In the “trouble in places you may not have heard of” department, Equi-Essentials EZ-Care Plaid Stable Sheet with Cross Surcingle and Leg Straps (between Nigeria and Togo on the Ivory Coast) when the ruling party held a parliamentary election from which opposition parties were excluded.
  • Dispatches from Social Justice Warrior land: “Trinity College professor tweets ‘whiteness is terrorism,’ refers to Barack and Michelle Obama as ‘white kneegrows.’”
  • Japan’s Emperor Akihito abdicated, Emperor Naruhito mounting the Chrysanthemum Throne on May 1, marking the end of the Heisei era and inaugurating the Reiwa era.
  • Actor James Woods is still in the Twitter Gulag:

  • Woman awakens after Elite Equest -Comfort Crown White Padded Noseband - Dressage Horse Bridle. (Hat tip: Instapundit.)
  • Unhappy meals. Now if only every one came with mopping teenage Goth girl figurines…
  • “‘Mortal Kombat’ Introduces Brutal New Fatality Where Your Character Just States An Opposing Viewpoint…One character says, ‘There are only two genders,’ and his opponent instantly melts into nothing, being unable to handle the opposing viewpoint. Another character suggests that capitalism isn’t all bad, and his opponent’s head instantly falls off.”

    Gosnell Opened Yesterday

    Saturday, October 13th, 2018

    You might want to consider seeing it if you’re the “watching movies in theaters” type.

    Here’s the trailer: